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By no means exhaustive, this list offers books and websites that help adoptive families learn more about their child's place of birth.


Becoming Madame Mao  by Anchee Min

Colors of the Mountain  by Da Chen

Iron and Silk  by Mark Salzman

Life and Death in Shanghai  by Nien Cheng

The Private Life of Chairman Mao : The Memoirs of Mao's Personal
  by Zhisui Li, Anne F. Thurston, Li Zhisui, Andrew Nathan

Red Azalea  by Anchee Min

Red China Blues : My Long March from Mao to Now  by Jan Wong

Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China  by Jung Chang


About China Online offers Chinese names, characters, culture, pages and news.  Very interesting site.

Adoptive Families of the Capital Region, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization open to all who have an interest in adoption.  Their membership represents families formed through domestic infant, older child, special needs, foster care and international adoption from over 20 countries.  They also have prospective parents and adoption professionals as members.

Asia For Kids offers educational materials for teaching children Asian languages, including books, language textbooks, videos, audio cassettes, software, dolls, games, posters, crafts, and more.

Celebrate the Child offers books, videos, dolls, cultural items and much more.

Center for Adoptive Support and Education (C.A.S.E.) though geared for adoptive families in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. offers many links and other resources.

China Books & Periodicals source for books, magazines, music, etc.

China sells pottery, arts, crafts, jewelry, stamps and custom made clothing.

China Sprout, designed specifically for adoptive families, this excellent site offers children’s clothing, books, music, and more, as well as information on Chinese culture and informative bulletin boards.

Chinese Community Center "The Chinese Community Center (CCC) of Albany, NY is a resource center for the members of the Chinese American community and those who are interested in Chinese culture and language. The mission of the CCC is to foster and enhance the sense of friendship and unity among its community through the cultural and educational programs that we offer and through community service."

China's Children International's mission is to unite people born in China and adopted and raised by families all over the world.   NEW!

Chinese Folk Art offers Chinese peasant paintings and other arts and crafts from China, as well as special services for adoptive families.

Chinese government webpage regarding adoption from China and other issues related to children. is a good source for music, video, artwork, games and educational materials.

EMK Press is a publisher of adoption themed materials.  They specialize in "guides that will help families navigate the journey of adoption parenting."

Families with Children from China (national) 'The Mall" is a good source of links to stores selling cultural merchandise.

Good Orient Company carries an extensive line merchandise from Asian countries, including adult and children’s clothing, jewelry, home accessories and more.

Home Town China is dedicated to bring the finest Chinese resources.   They provide Chinese language, culture, tradition, history and offer unique high quality products at low prices.

InterDoptee "is a charitable organization that promotes and supports the education and advancement of international adoptees. By involving the international adoption community and the community at large, InterDoptee creates a network that understands the needs of international adoptees."

My Home Town offers interesting facts about your adoptive child's place of birth.

Nan Rae: Chinese brush painting artwork and greeting cards from artist Nan Rae.

New America Media is a website dedicated to the "crossroads of a global society."

Our Chinese Daughters Foundation is an "organization founded in 1995 with a mission to provide Chinese culture programs to children adopted from China and their families, schools, and communities."

Shen’s Books is a great source of multicultural children’s books.

Taiwanese American Cultural Society of the Capital District, Inc.'s mission is to promote Taiwanese arts, history, and culture to the community through exhibits, lectures, musical and theatrical performances and youth scholarships.


"The World of the Adopted Child" by Christopher J. Alexander, Ph.D.                      

"Orphans and Warriors" by Dee Paddock, M.A., M.T.C., N.C.C.

"Attunement: Reading the Rhythms of a Child" by Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D